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Talent is NOT Born, It is GROWN

Talent is Overrated.

The fact is, almost every single great volleyball player was trained to be a great player. They were't born with so called, natural talent

Great volleyball players (and great athletes of other sports) all received the training necessary to excel at their sport.

If you ever watch great athletes real close, you may notice how they all possess the same fundamental mechanics of movement. In volleyball, these are referred to as "playing techniques". 

For example, when observing great setters, you will likely notice they all possess the same setting mechanics. Spinning off one foot as they set, jump setting, finishing steps left to right foot, etc.... these are the common characteristics of great setters and they were all trained to set like this. 

The good news is you can develop these skills also!!

There's no need to be upset because you don't have the natural talent to be great... actually you do have the natural talent... every one of us does!

So, my advice to you is to navigate through this website and learn about how to train for volleyball. There are many training secrets within these pages. Don't take this information lightly... most of your competition doesn't know this stuff.

This is my compilation of 25+ years as a volleyball coach, strength coach, trainer, referee, and pro beach player. If you want to get on the right path to becoming a great volleyball player, you just might have the secrets you need right at your fingertips.

Coaching Lessons for Volleyball Strength and Power

Lesson 1:
Top 5 Ways to Improve Spiking Power for Volleyball

Lesson 2:
Best Ways to Relieve Muscle Soreness

Lesson 3:
7 Reasons Single Leg Training Is Important for Volleyball Players

Lesson 4:
Six Keys to Gaining Maximum Strength in Six Months

Lesson 5:
What to eat and what not to eat to be successful at volleyball

Lesson 6:
Injuries...Top causes and how to avoid them

Lesson 7:
Workout Program...Bodyweight strength training you can literally do anywhere

Lesson 8:
12 Nutrition Tips that get Results

Lesson 9:
4 Steps to a Better Low Back

Lesson 10:
Top 7 Exercises

Volleyball Training Myths

Myth 1:
Any program will work for you

Myth 2:
Weightlifting WON'T make you slow

Myth 3:
4 Sets of 5 reps works for everyone

Myth 4:
When it comes to strength and power, upper body strength really ISN'T that important

Myth 5:
Training for strength and power in-season is no different than training off-season

Myth 6:
When training power for volleyball, Olympic and power-lifting exercises are the most important

Myth 7:
Training cycles are necessary for improving strength and power for volleyball

Myth 8:
Crunches and sit-ups are the best core exercises for volleyball

Myth 9:
Building big muscles weight training guarantees you'll generate a lot of power for volleyball

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Volleyball Conditioning

Jump Training

Cool Down


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Why do you REALLY Workout?

Do you know the real reasons you train for volleyball? Learn why you suffer through your workouts and what can you do to make your workouts more fun?

Volleyball Techniques

How to Spike Correctly


Passing Drills


Serving Drills

Serving Tips

Setting Tips

Serving Tactics

Blocking Drills

Setter Movement

How to Spike

Setter Mechanics

How to Play Volleyball

How to Play

Volleyball Tips

Running Plays

Basic Skills


All About Vball

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About the Game

How to Play Beach Volleyball

How to Play Beach

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Volleyball Terms



Court Dimensions




Volleyball Quotes






Volleyball History


Volleyball Rules


Basic Rules

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Substitution Rules

Beach Rules


Rotation Rules

Rules for Dummies

Official Rules

Rules and Regulations

Advantages to Know the Rules

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