Cycles for Training Volleyball are Necessary for Strength and Power

*** Myth No.7 *** "Training volleyball cycles are necessary for improving strength and power" 

Periodization. Microcycles, macrocycles, off-season, in-season, etc. 

The whole bit. 

All are training cycles -- different forms, styles and intensities of training, adopted at different times, to suit the specific and timely needs of the athlete and their goals. 

But the question is; "do training cycles need to be implemented in order for you to improve your volleyball performance?" 

The answer is yes and no. 

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Why "yes"?

-1-> In many respects, we've covered this argument previously. It has a lot to do with the body becoming over-adapted to a single or similar stimulus over time. Eventually this leads to result-plateau and is a popular reason for the use of training cycles.

-2-> The second reason many trainers like cycles is because they give certain aspects of the training a rest, while other aspects can be focused on. This is both good and logical.

-3-> Thirdly, it is often argued that this produces better, more speedy results over time, however, this point tends to stand on shaky ground.

And why "no"?

-1-> Because the key factor for increasing volleyball speed, agility, strength, and power, and the primary goal of becoming a great volleyball player is rested almost solely on:


Contrary to popular opinion (and those who advocate periodization) you can and SHOULD train to develop raw power all year round, regardless of whether it's in-season or off-season.

Once you move away from the critical power involved in something like jumping higher and focus a "cycle" on, for example, proprioceptive and stability work, your progress will go BACKWARDS.

Without getting into the finer details of this now, it's even my firm belief that pure power-based training is, in the long term, superior even for developing muscle mass, posture and flexibility, which in old age, in turn, increases mobility.

The important learning point here is that varied stimulation is important for increasing volleyball performance, however, this does NOT mean that a necessary requirement of this is cycling...

simply because you do not want to engage in training cycles that are not focused intently on developing


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