4 Sets of 5 Reps Works for Every Volleyball Player

*** Myth No.3 *** "4 Sets of 5 Reps Works for Every Volleyball Player" 

From the last installment you should now be aware of the urgency of seizing todays "exceptions" as your competing advantage, as they will become tomorrows "norms", otherwise you will get left behind and such activities will then no longer provide an advantage, anyway. 

Since the last myth was a long one, today's is going to be very brief: 

There is something I can't stand, and that's "4 sets of 5 reps". 

What the heck is that? 

Think about it... 

==> Why 4? 

==> Why 5? 

==> What about rest? I mean isn't power (ie vertical jump) a measure of time, too? 

And better yet -- please, PLEASE tell me how someone can give you 4 sets of 5 reps (or any set and rep scheme for that matter) when they haven't even measured YOUR level of ability and performance?! 

Volleyball Player Weight Training

Again, it takes us back to the point, that for a truly effective program, you need to have numbers and measures that are catered specifically for YOU.

The program given to a professional athlete certainly won't be the same program I give to a 13 year-old volleyball player just starting out.

Remember, don't get sucked into some silly system that's been regurgitated from days long-gone.

If someone gives you such a program, demand to know the following:

-1-> Why 4 sets?

Why not 34 or 4444? What makes 4 sets so special? Whatever the number is that is given to you, insert it into the question.

-2-> Why 5 reps?

Again, insert the number given - 5 is only an example.

-3-> What are the types of movements (ie multi-joint)? And how do these movements affect my ability to complete the sets and reps?

-4-> What about rest? How long do I rest between sets and WHY?

If people can't give you straight, well-thought and logical solutions to these problems -- that directly impact your volleyball training results and relate back to your gains in volleyball strength and athletic power -- you shouldn't bother with their program. Simple.

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