Crunches and sit-ups are the best ab exercises for volleyball

*** Myth No.8 *** "Crunches and sit-ups are the best ab exercises for volleyball" 

The best ab exercises for volleyball are total body exercises that work your abs all the time. 

In fact, the truth about abdominal crunches is that they are useless, ineffective, and could even hurt your back. You don't want to find out crunches are useless the hard way. 

So let's focus on the total body abdominal exercises to help you build a better looking torso and improve your volleyball performance without doing so at the expense of your low back health. 

For beginners, the 3 exercises you must master are called, "The Plank", "The Side Plank", and "The Bird Dog". Now I'll be honest, these aren't the most exciting moves in the world, but they will put you on track to flatter, more volleyball functional abs and a healthier low back. 

Ab Exercises for Volleyball

For intermediate fitness and strength, you can graduate to exercises such as "Mountain Climbers" and "Plank with your Forearms on a Stability Ball".

Crunches don't develop core strength the right way and I don't train "abs" a lot in the traditional sense. I use total body exercises that work my abs all the time.

When performing ab exercises for volleyball, train your core muscles by working the muscles around the hips, lower back, torso, and shoulder blades.

Training the abs in this way is not only essential to improving volleyball core strength, but also preventing physical problems in the future.

Crunches aren't good for your health because in daily life and sports like volleyball, the abs aren't ever used in isolation, so it's not best to use them in isolation when training.

Almost all movement in volleyball requires energy to transfer through the core.

Core strength is the foundation for speed, strength, and power which allows your body to operate at its maximum ability.

A strong core helps you resist injury and you'll be less likely to develop the types of hip and back problems that commonly plague athletes.

Since many volleyball players aren't familiar with core training, it's common for these athletes to instantly improve volleyball explosive power after just a few workouts.

Never do another useless crunch again.

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Ab Exercises for Volleyball

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