How to Spike a Volleyball Correctly

How to spike a volleyball properly to hit the ball into the court. Make fewer volleyball hitting errors by mastering the following drills. 

I'm going to break down spiking into two parts.

1) Arm swing keys

This is the arm swing warm up.

When doing arms swings, do 5 slow motion then do 5 regular speed. 

When practicing the arm swing, start by facing the net like you normally would for hitting.

Key #1: Get to a position of sight 90. This means you sight the ball with the left hand. Make right angle with the striking hand. 

Key #2: Have the elbow lead. You are leading with the elbow as you come forward through the ball. Eyes stay looking up at the ball. 

Key #3: This is the Lift and Wip. 

So, the arm swing is...

Key #1 Sight 90.

Key #2 Elbow lead.

Key #3 Lift and Wip.  

2) Approach keys

The simplest way to teach the approach when learning how to spike a volleyball is by focusing on the last two steps. 

Flamingo Position. Do this by positioning at the 3 meter line with weight on the left foot. You are in position ready to take a two step approach. This is called flamingo

Step, close, jump and swing. As you practice the steps, say the steps. So every time say “right left”. 

Do this drill for 5 repetitions. Practice this footwork drill every day. 

TIP: Always land with hips forward, not leaning back. 

Team Drills - How to Spike a Volleyball

2 Step Defender for Hitter Drill

The goal of the hitters is to hit the ball so the defenders can’t catch it. If the defenders catch the ball, they get a point. 

For this drill, the coach tosses and the hitters are doing the 2 step (flamingo) approach. The hitters are trying to get a kill. The defenders get points for catching the ball. So, the goal of the hitter is to hit the ball so the defender can’t catch it. If the ball is hit out, then it’s a half a point for the defenders. When the defenders reach 15 points, the teams switch. 

Next, do the drill with 4 step approaches. 

Teaching the Basics - How to Spike a Volleyball

For this training, we are working to sync the arms with the feet. Also, practicing the basic footwork. 

You want to get the correct rhythm of the footwork and also getting the feet to the ball. 

Just like in every other skill, the most important part about hitting is the footwork. 

It may sound boring, but coaches need to spend a lot of time on the basics of doing the correct footwork with the kids before they actually get the correct arm swing down. 

So, in these drills, we're going to be focusing on the left-right-left of the feet (for right handed hitters). 

You’re also getting your guided arm up and then getting into the correct position. 

You want your forehead to the ball when you're swinging. 

What we're going to start with is, for a right-handed player, on a three step approach.

It's left-right-left. 

1) So, we're all going to start with our right hand forward.

2) Our first step it's just a small step with our left foot. 

3) After that, the rhythm is right-left. 

4) As you plant to jump, you land in a position open to your setter. 

A lot of younger kids will have problems with getting the correct rhythm. Their steps are correct, but they won't have the correct rhythm. 

Matt Drills for How to Spike a Volleyball

Mat Drills

To improve rhythm, put a mat or partner on the ground. The partner is going to start a few feet behind them. The first step we'll be in front of them and then they got to hop over their partner with their left-right-left. This can also be done using a mat to hop over.

So, now that we've got the footwork down. We now need to incorporating what your arms do during the approach.

Arms come forward on the first step. As you step over the partner, this is when the arms go back. As you are jumping up to spike, this is when the arms come up. 

If you are having trouble synchronizing their feet with their arms, have the kids hold hands as they approach. 

Tennis Ball Drill for How to Spike a Volleyball

Tennis Ball Drill

Hold a tennis ball in the striking hand, and start in a position ready to approach. As you approach, bring your guided arm up, rotate arms and throw the tennis ball over. the net down into the court. 

Forehead Hit Drill for How to Spike a Volleyball

Forehead Hit Drill

Here, we are working on getting the feet to the ball. Working on going left-right-left every time. We are letting the ball hit us on the forehead. So, we are hitting the ball over the net with the forehead. Coach tosses and the kids take an approach to the ball. The key is to take quick steps and plant to jump in the correct position to make contact with the ball on the forehead.

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