Upper body strength really ISN'T that important

*** Myth No.4 *** "When it comes to strength and power for volleyball, upper body strength really ISN'T that important" 

Many people think that all you have to do to increase your strength, speed and quickness is do specific exercise for the legs only... 

The fact is it's been said that certain upper body exercises can help the body exert force enough to increase speed and jumping ability by up to 10%... but the truth is, its actually impossible to ever know. 

What we can do is work from what we know, to what we don't know. 

Power for Volleyball

We know that the human body is a unit -- a single "body" -- and to my thinking, it only makes sense that you are "only as strong as your weakest link."

Secondly, if you're trying to do all that you can to optimize your ability to play volleyball at a high level, it would be silly -- at least to my way of thinking -- that you could even possibly let part of your body become the weakest link...

that ends up keeping you from reaching your athletic potential!

So, what can you do about upper body exercises that also serve to increase your volleyball playing ability?

-1-> You need to craft an upper body workout regime around the same principles that you develop your lower body (legs) regime for. This promotes physical consistency and helps to ensure that your body is on the "same page", athletically and as a cohesive unit.

-2-> You need to make sure there are no imbalances through the opposing muscle groups (eg. chest to back, biceps to triceps) as this is a major hindrance to performance enhancement and increases the likelihood of injury.

IMPORTANT: A quality upper body regime does more for you than give you a good workout - it definitely helps increase volleyball playing ability and your performance on the volleyball court.

Best of luck beating up on your competition!

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