Training for volleyball in-season is no different than training off-season

*** Myth No.5 *** "Training for volleyball in-season is no different than training off-season." 

I've used the term before... 


And I hate to say it, but it saddens me to think it won't be the last time I use it either. 


Because training for volleyball in-season the same way you would if it was off-season is exactly that...  


But wait... does that mean you can't gain volleyball specific strength and power like a mad-freak in an asylum while you're still competing during in-season play??? 

Certainly NOT! 

That's right... I can almost see the smile on your face right now. 

It's all 100% true, you can pile inches onto your vertical and gain lightning quick speed all year round!  

Imagine that... crushing the ball harder on your opponents in the REGIONAL FINALS than you were in the first tournaments of the year?!?! 

Not to mention walking away with the MVP... ;) 

Get it in your head, Rookie... because it's more than possible. 

It's happening as we speak.

So, you'd better get your act together and join the revolution before you miss out on your shine for good. 

Training for Volleyball

Training for Volleyball

Back to the point, though.

There's no reason why you can't be gaining as many (if not MORE) valuable strength and explosive power in-season as you can in the off-season.

That's right, it's POSSIBLE to gain more.


| By training DIFFERENTLY |
| during the season |
| than you would when |
| the offseason comes |

Why is this the case? There are a number of reasons, but here are two key points:

-1-> Remember the previous discussion about the quads and hams? Training during the season, with a more specific focus on the hams, is one of THE best ways you can leverage your volleyball specific strength and explosive power, year-round.

Because so many sports and athletic endeavors are based on the extension of the lower leg, through the knee, this means so often that the quads become over used and overworked during the season.

Just think of the position you get in when you play volleyball... Playing defense and passing in volleyball can be very quad dominant. Since this is the case, placing more focus on the hams is DOUBLY beneficial:

* It decreases likelihood of injury by off-setting muscular and strength imbalances.

* It encourages the support and capacity to actually increase the power of the quadriceps.

-2-> Remember also the discussion about the importance of different stimulation?

It only makes sense that different types of exercises - performed to allow for the changing physical demands and environment of the off-season and in-season - will generate greater results as you are more able to optimize various important muscles related to the act of moving quickly to play the ball, approaching quick, jumping high, and hitting hard.

This is particularly important to the vital hand-in-hand relationship a muscle pairing like, for example, the quads and hams engage in.

It's individual and specific guidelines like these that you won't find in any other volleyball enhancement system...

Included with my volleyball strength program is my volleyball specific strength and power workout specifically for in-season training. Designed with correct in-season intensity, your team will effectively improve speed, hitting power, and vertical jump without jeopardizing the effectiveness of performance in practices and tournaments.

Keep working...

and remember, don't go committing


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