Why Do You REALLY Train?
Volleyball workout motivation...what motivates you?

So what REALLY motivates you to do your volleyball workout?

Why in the world do you bother lifting weights?

Why would anybody bother with going to a gym?

If you said anything to extent of “improve my blood pressure,” “relieve stress,” or “set a good example,” I’m not buying it.

I call these "logical motivators".

Volleyball Workout

There is nothing wrong with those motivators and I agree those are excellent side benefits but let’s get real.

I asked you to be frank with me.

You don’t hit the gym multiple hours a week to improve your health profile.

You work out for emotional and irrational reasons.

The real reasons you volleyball workout...

Many people think they do their workout for logical reasons. This is simply NOT true.

Logical Motivators for working out for volleyball...

  • Wanting to improve speed and vertical jump. Many volleyball players are told time and time again that they would benefit greatly if they were faster or could jump higher. It's been known for years that weight training can dramatically improve strength and speed for sports.

  • Impress the coach. Many players workout because they want to impress their volleyball coach. If you workout for volleyball, this can show the coach you're committed to improving at volleyball because strength is often the missing ingredient to success on the court.

  • Improve your health.

  • Less stress.

  • Good role model.

  • Balanced lifestyle.

  • Clothes fit better.

  • More energy.

Most people do a workout for irrational reasons.

Here are some examples of irrational and emotional motivators for working out for volleyball...

  • You workout to attract an attractive person. Let’s face it, sexy people date sexy people. This requires you to have a physique that looks good in clothes and even better naked. Admitting That Looking Good Naked Is Your Motivator Is Not The Point Of This Article...

  • You fear being out of shape and not being able to make it through practice. You may believe you aren't in good enough shape for when volleyball practices start. Working out can make you feel more secure and confident that you'll do ok.

  • You are insecure about your body. Many volleyball players are self-conscious about their looks. Often players will workout really hard because they are motivated to lose weight or tone muscles and not necessarily improve at volleyball.

I want you to ask yourself, “Why do I really do my workout?” until you discover your irrational and emotional want.

Notice how your reason for working out went from a very logical to emotional reason the more you asked why? The more honest you are with yourself, the faster you’ll get to your true reason why you work out.

Your why will be the difference between success and failure.

You might be very surprised to discover the real reason you do your volleyball workout and what you really want.

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