How to Win at College Girls Volleyball

There are a variety of levels in college girls volleyball.

Not all girls should train the same way for volleyball.

Training goals for a 12 year are much different than that of an 18 year old.

Many factors should be considered such as...

  • Physical and emotional maturity. Younger girls will likely be less physically and emotionally mature.

    For example, younger players have a shorter attention span. Practices and drills are typically shorter.

  • Understand the student. The coach needs to understand where the player is in the learning process. All players are at different stages in learn how to play. Not all players learn the same way.
Girls Volleyball

What are the goals?

Is your team out to win or do they just want to have fun?

Try to win early before learning the skills of the game can be a big mistake.

College girls volleyball has become very competitive. Often coaches get caught up in focusing on winning instead of learning the game.

Maybe the big question is, When do you want to peak?

Do you have dreams of making the high school team and playing in college? If so, winning now isn't necessarily all that important.

When first starting out, the focus should be on skill development. Focus on all the basic skills - passing, setting, hitting, serving, blocking, and digging.

You must develop skill now. If you don't, other players that develop their skills will pass you up and your volleyball career will soon be over.

6 Tips for Success in College Girls Volleyball

  1. Define your goals. Ask questions like, do I want to make the high school team? Do I want to play in college? You need to define where you want to go so you know where you're headed.

  2. Define where you are. You need to understand where you are. If you're 13 years old and haven't learned how to pass or hit, you need to work on your volleyball skills. The biggest mistake young players make is not focusing on skills training.

  3. Get private lessons with a coach that specializes in skills training. Most girls will improve the most just by focusing on improving skills.

  4. Play on a competitive team. Try to get on the best team you possibly can. You want to surround yourself with good volleyball players. The better the team, the better chance you'll have at surrounding yourself with good volleyball.

  5. Find a great coach. Learn as much as you can from a great coach. The best teams usually have the best coaches.

  6. Play great competition. Most players learn more from the competition than anyone else.

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Girls Volleyball Tips

5 Strategies for Success in Girls Volleyball (ages 14 and younger)

  1. Serve the ball deep. Deep serves make it extremely difficult for young players to run an offense.

  2. Set middle and hit to the deep corners. Setting a two ball in the middle is a safe set and also very difficult to dig when hit deep to the corners.

  3. Play man up (red) defense. Play red against teams that don't terminate the ball well.

  4. Dedicate 70% of practice time to serve receive. Practice serve receive within rotations.

  5. Understand the goal is to attack. Why do you pass? You want a good pass so the setter can set an attacker. Why do dig? You want a good dig so the setter can set an attacker.

    Why do you want to get good at serving and blocking? Girls volleyball teams that serve and block well have an easier time playing defense and transitioning to an offensive attack.

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