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Volleyball players, coaches, and parents everywhere are welcomed to join the volleyball community. Take advantage of this opportunity because you may never be blessed enough to come across reliable, truthful information when it comes to volleyball training. 

The aim of this report service is to inform the volleyball community so that they may become better equipped to make informed decisions about training for improving volleyball performance and investing in their career. 

Volleyball Community

In a day and age where there is so much hype, misunderstanding and broken promises about what it takes and how to effectively improve your athleticism, it's refreshing to know that athletes can receive reliable and free information that "smells of gunpowder" -- delivered straight from athletes who have "been there and done that".

This myths report combines the best tips from "Volleyball Strength! Volleyball Strength and Conditioning the RIGHT Way", my 12 week volleyball strength program - tips that literally *smash* the lies and myths that honest, hard-working athletes have been fed over the years and gives testament to over 17 years combined experience as a player, coach, and trainer in the field of volleyball performance enhancement.

So, take a good look (we recommend you print each installment off and keep them safely in your log file), because a report this hot won't be around for long!

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